Is the Technique hard to learn?

No, it’s easy to learn and very simple.

The instructions are presented in a modern and practical way, so everyone can understand it and effortlessly apply it to their life.

How long do I need to practise before I feel less stress?

Most new students experience a 20-50% stress reduction on the first session. So for most people it has instant effects. With practise it becomes even more powerful and effortless.

What sort of time requirement is there to complete the whole course?

Overall there are 7 Clips with 7 Pages of instructions. The total time requirement is less than 2 Hours over a one week period, before you are proficient in this stress relief technique.

What is required for me to relieve my stress.

This technique is a completely mental procedure, so there is actually nothing required outside of yourself. Once you learn the steps, you can practise it anytime, anywhere.

What happens if i miss a day?

Not much, except that you’ll keep accumulating more and more stress. It’s just like leaving your computer running for longer before doing a restart, it will become more overworked as time goes on from all the processes running in the background. You’ll become less present and more easily stressed with the mounting data floating through your mind. If you miss a day, just practise again at the next opportunity to get back on that horse.

What else is this Technique good for?

There are many side effects of having less stress, such as better memory, better mood, better ideas, better sleep and the list goes on.